How to take care of your skin daily


Today I will tell you how you will take care of the skin every day? And it’s very obvious you may fallow for your benefits. The whole body’s skin will remain healthy and glowing, especially young boys and girls, who are engaged in making their skin blonde and beautiful day and night. Expensive fairness cream moisturizer toners exfoliators and masks from the market. And do not know what to buy, they also spend a lot of money and are disappointed, if they do not get results as seen on TV. Our skin

Our skin texture

First of all, I want to tell you that God has made our skin perfect, the upper surface of the skin falls on its own every day and the fresh comes up after cleaning it from the bottom.

Just being fair is not a sign of beauty

Secondly, whether the skin is dusky or fair, it is not a sign of beauty. If clean and free from stains, then it will look great.

It is very important to do three things for our skincare

First one is to protect from UV rays, second cleaning and the third one is moisturizing,

Well, it protects the skin from UV rays very importantly. Summer or winter should not come out of the house, without sun protection. You should not leave your face or body both open in the summer. Take a hood or umbrella from clothes to protect it from the UV rays. Take an umbrella with sunscreen often better wear goggles. There fore by doing this, the skin will not get burnt by the sun and there won’t be any black spots in the feet and hands.

importance of goggles for skincare

Wearing goggles along with it does not create dark circles above the eyes, Sitting in the sun for a long period during cold also harm. Hard sunlight not only damages the body. Also, damage the hair from the roots. And the hair quickly trans white.

Cleanliness skin

Cleaning is one of the most routines of skin, we clean the dirt accumulated on it, dead cells, access oil, bacteria fungus, and makeup. People who have oily skin should use bar soap of good quality and Mild liquid cleanser is best for those who have dry. Should only be used once a day

Is moisturizing important?

However, moisturization is most to keep our skin moisturized. That makes oil in oil glands. That keeps naturally soft and glowing. Still, it is very important to put moisturizer. Especially during winter when the weather is very dry. General Advice Those who have oily skin should use water-based moisturizer and people who have dry should use oil-based moisturizers.

Be concern while choosing cosmetics.

While buying the moisturizer, make sure that it is not very aromatic and does not have color and linolenic acid.

Supper aromatic, color and linoleic acid the three damage and invite various diseases. Your simple mistake may burn it.

Skin types

If you have severely sensitive skin, then you should apply aloe vera paste. Another best options for you is

Virgin Coconut Oil and Extra Virgin Olive.

Them does not cause any allergies.

This oil dries easily in the skin and does not remain sticky and also protects them from stains as they also contain sun protection antibacterial anti-fungal properties.

After bathing in the morning and before bed at night, must apply virgin oil you may look always be beautiful, healthy and glowing.

Role of facial mask

(Apply a face mask once or twice a week.)

: It pulls the oil out of the skin,

: whose skin is dry, they should use two to three drops lemon juice in honey and apply it

: You can mix two to three drops virgin coconut oil in fresh aloe vera and apply a mask


when you wash your face or body, you must apply coconut oil or a good quality moisturizer.

The vital role of diet and physical exercise

if you want to look beautiful, why don’t you apply a full gold paste on your face or on your body, you will not look beautiful.

Your nutritious diet and physical exercise are also very important to enhance beauty.

Healthy Diet’s for skin

: Your healthy diet is must important for a healthy lifestyle)

: Intake pulses, rice, green vegetables, and seasonal fruits,

Perhaps, intake the things that have vitamin D, Vitamin C, and iron levels,

Such foods have the capability to keep your whole body functioning strong.

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