how to sleep?


Sufficient sleep is needed for our body health well, It is vital health to mention other bodies Systems, it’s when our body repairs itself, and our brain consulates information to learn. Our body needs enough rest so that there won’t be any chances of health challenges including indigestion, premature aging, gaining overweight or obesity, the problem of gastritis menstrual disorders heart diseases. And more other conditions. Aside from all these philosophers, Aristotle said, “It is well to be up before daybreak, for such habits contribute to health, wealth, and wisdom”.


‘If you want to live a longer and healthier life, spend time in sweet sleep,’ says specialist Matthew Walker. Walker, a psychology professor at the University of California, Baker, has studied the statistics of millions of people who have participated in many studies.

‘Sleep is the most democratic and the best healthcare system available for free’, he says. After fifty years of study research, the topic now focuses on ‘what sleep does to us’ or ‘whether it has anything to do with it’.

So far, researchers have not been able to find out what exactly is causing sleep apnea. What science has discovered so far is that the lack of it has a dramatic impact on our body and brain.

Alzheimer’s, cancer, heart, and arterial diseases, obesity, depression, anxiety, and even suicide have been found to be somewhat linked to the lack of sleep in people in developed countries.

All systems of the human body regain sleep, and deprivation affects them. But sleep should be natural, while sleep medicine increases the risk of cancer, infection, and death.

Not getting enough is to harm yourself

It is very good for us. But the trends we see in the statistics of developed countries are not good. People sleep on average less than a hundred years ago. Getting enough sleep is seven to nine hours a day. It is not only important for physical and mental health, but also for creative creativity.

Sleeping less than seven hours has an impact on the body and brain of people and affects their immune system.

How to sleep sweet?

Sleeping is not a nod to a pillow. It is difficult for many people in the world to fall asleep. In many parts of the world nowadays it is dark, we often spend time in unnatural light and the speed of the modern world is very fast. And we also don’t use free time to get enough sleep. ‘Gone are the times’, Says Walker.

But we can train ourselves to sleep better and better. Scientists say that if we change our habits, good results will be seen immediately. Professors of the book ‘How We Sleep (Why We Sleep)’ Walker has suggested the following:

1. Make bedtime and bedtime the same: It’s easy to get started: Make bedtime and a get-together. The most important thing is to make sure you stay awake. This helps the body to fall asleep at bedtime.

2. Cover in the dark: The body looks dark for the important hormones needed for sleep. One of the bad aspects of development is that we are constantly in the light. We can get dark by reducing the light in the room before going to bed.

It also means getting rid of mobile or TV or computer screens. The screen emits the ‘blue light’, which is the most powerful light on the sleep hormone. So sources of blue light should be turned off an hour before bedtime.

3. Be cold: The natural temperature, which is sometimes less than 2 hours and sometimes higher, is beneficial. But nowadays we live at the same temperature. One of the things that awaken a sweet sleep in cold temperatures. The inner temperature of our brain and body must be equal to one degree Celsius. So sleep at 5 degrees Celsius when it comes to temperature control.

4. The bed is only for sleeping: The bed is meant for sleeping and loving activities, not for eating or reading or playing. Our brain quickly establishes a connection between the two objects so it should convey the message that we are in bed. If you can’t fall asleep for 5 minutes, you need to get up and do something else.

5. Less intake of caffeine: One day we drink cola or coffee or tea, which has a pleasing effect on our nervous system. Professor Walker’s advice: Drink them just 4 hours before going to bed. Saying that his coffee will have six hours, he said that coffee will be found in the blood for nine hours. So it is best to have no coffee at bedtime.

6. Stop alcohol: People usually say that alcohol causes sleepiness, but this is not true. Sleep caused by alcohol is not good for health and dreams. (From the BBC)

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Janardan poudel
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