How to get fair skin naturally

naturally skin

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Hello friends, today we will talk about the natural way to make the skin clean and fair.

One thing is that no medicine or natural products, in your mind can lump you in the same day and night.

Whatever your product applies Should continue for at least 2 to or 3 months. Only then you find benefits.

what precaution should be taken before applying cream or lotion on the face

Importantly, the thing to keep in mind is that, before applying any product, cream or lotion to your face, apply a little cream under your neck. And rest it, if you do not get any irritation or allergy from it within 24 hours. So you can use it freely. You can apply the products three times a week. Which should be used for at least 3 months to 4 months. So, you’ll receive a best results.

Hence, here are some natural remedies.For fare and clear skin

Sour curd.

Skin-whitening is one of the most common use substances.

“Curd” sour curd has some kind of abundant Lactic acid present inside which is a very good alpha hydroxy acid. All this is in plenty of sour curd.

Mix two to four drops of honey inside sour curd.

And make a paste then apply it well on the face.

Continue it two to three times a week, then your face will definitely find the best results.

You must be used for at least 3 to 4 months.

glycolic acid (skin naturally)

Glycolic acid is also an alpha hydroxy acid.It is also being Use a lot to fear the skin.Lactic acid and glycolic acid help to a large extent in making the skin fair and even removes dead cells.That is why the company people use all these things in blonde cream or lotion.

Green Mulberry.(skin naturally)

Arbutin found in mulberry leaves and pears also clear and fear your skin.

Vitamin “c”

Vitamin c is also one of the most important substances to improve skin health. It’s full of antioxidants.c base cream is easily available in market.However, vitamin c is sufficiently found in lemon also.But, some people use lemon juice directly to face.Well you must note it’s not only contains c often full of citric acid that may burns.

In fact, you can apply lemon juice only to healthy skin So while,never use it to sensitive or cut skin.

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