Reduces impotency in male(Infertility in the male)

holy basil plant

Holy Basil plant (a sacred herb seeds) This plant is known for Goddess Laxmi(Brinda)well The principal consort of the god Vishnu. As we of us may not know the Holy Basil plant(Tulsi) is grown in many Hindu societies.well, this plant is found almost all over the world. Because of traditional values and religious beliefs of Hinduism. The plant(Tulsi) is worshipped twice a day in the morning and in the evening when a lamp and candle are lit near the plant.

Although it is cultivated for relious purposes. Besides, that’s known to be sacred Herb’s in of the most important Herb’s been consuming to improve immune systems. Rather than that Especially those who are suffering from Impotency, Male reproductive function (sperm count and reproductive hormones)

Supplement(how to intake) holy basil seeds

supplementation: 5 gram of holy Basil seeds along with warm milk and rock sugar(an unrefined form of sugar) religiously, Before going bed and start the day with the same process can promote your infertility problem.

Multiple uses :
Holy Basil (Ocimum tenuiflorum)is a leafy plant is known as Tulsi leaf. It has a historical belief in ayurvedic medicine. moreover, it’s a treatment for numerous conditions, from eye disease to fungal and other of inflammation. Therefore, starting from the leaves to seeds this plant is considered a tonic for body mind and spirit. well, different parts of the plant are recommended for treating a number of health issues.

Use of fresh flower and green leaves :

Holy Basil fresh flowers and leaves are used for those who are suffering from common cold and bronchitis.

Use of black seeds(Tulsi seeds)
Though there are many uses of black seeds (holy Basilseeds) seeds are good for treating infertility in males especially.

Leaves and extracts

leaves and extract used for eye treatment fever, skin care, wounds fungal diseases, stomach problems, female hormonal issues, and other digestive issues, etc

Nutritional Values

vitamin a and c

Therefore, it’s anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatories, analgesic (painkillers) Good for acne, mouth ulcers, keloids Rashid, rased, scars, weight gain high cholesterol, insulin resistance, hypertension, etc

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