Fenugreek seeds, methi daana


“Fenugreek”(Methi Dana) is one of the most wonderful seeds.Which is great for dealing different health-related problems. A supper commonly digestive herbal East Indian cuisine.Infact,a good source for boosting androgen levels in men, since it has electromagnet power which is best for different types of health-related issues. It is a herbal remedy. That can be very effective alternative treatments to prescription medication. It is found all over the world. People use fenugreek seed in a wide array of products. Today it is truly multi-purpose herbal medicine. People from Western Asia and the Mediterranean have been using it for thousands of years, it has gained global popularity as an herbal supplement to a variety of health benefits.

Many health benefits of fenugreek(methi dana).

Fenugreek is electromagnetic seeds that carry several health benefits. It involves the regulation of blood sugar, stimulation of milk flow in new mother’s, maintenance of hormonal disbalance, and also the treatment of inflammation. Especially used extensively in Indian and Nepalese food recipes.It has many health benefits.

Reduces premature signs of aging.

Antioxidant properties, fighting against free radicals damage, lactic acid exfoliates your skin and makes healthy smooth and glow. fighting against acne and pimples has anti-inflammatory properties. prevent hair loss problem. Fenugreek is a good source of protein and calcium.Because, it has an anti-bacterial effect that kills harmful bacteria to fight dandruff and fungus. It has anti-fungal properties.Hence, They prevent dandruff. Fenugreek prevents heart health to prevent heart attacks. Counteract the oxidative stress that occurs during a heart attack. Helpful in arthritis caused due to inflammation joints.

Fenugreek has inflammatory properties and antioxidants that reduce the pain .great treatment of stomach and intestines problems. It is a natural and organic herbal legume tonic that aids digestion. Prevent the accumulation of fat, a great booster of metabolism. It’s good stabilizing blood sugar and helpful as a natural detoxifier for both men and women alike. A great supplement for holistic bodybuilder and athletic. Fenugreek contains steroidal saponins, that act as buildings blocks for anabolic plant steroids. According to specialists advise “a dose 500-2,00 milligrams;5 days on 2 days of for eight weeks and two weeks break in between supplement.

Ayurvedic believes it’s a good source of medicine, there are lots of medicine made by fenugreek seeds .a A good source of weight loss and menstrual disorder ..and uncontrollable pain during a cycle. It is rich in galactomannan, a polysaccharide that helps to give you a feeling fullness and also has effects as an anti-inflammatory power.

Fenugreek reduces the level of serum cholesterol. The seeds are a good source of potassium which helps balance sodium. Benefits of normalizing blood pressure and decreasing the risk of heart attacks and stroke.Good for the constipation problem. It acts as an expectorant that helps to dissolve in the lungs. Fenugreek sprouts are a good source for those women who wanna increase Brest in size.

Benefits of fenugreek

Maintain good cholesterol
Reducing partial pain.
Control in blood pressure
helpful in PCOD and PCOS
good source of calcium
helpful in blood sugar level
Acne and pimples treatment
Treatment of hormonal disbalance
Good for intestines etc these are the number of health benefits of Fenugreek So stay healthy stay happy. Thank you.

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