Facial mask home remedy

facial mask

Rice facial mask

You can lead the world when you make the right choice. Whatever a choice you make is your destination.When it comes to looking younger you’ve generally prescribed a skincare routine for the best way to capture a youthful glow.Despite of using heavy makeup and an extra payment for spa and harmful chemicals. You may examine the result of traditional home remedies, like rice and fenugreek seeds powder. Rice powder is a natural facial mask for all skin types.That can definitely brings a huge change to your skin tone.

Rice and fenugreek seeds are easier to simplify your facial care routine.Instate,of pilling the serums and chemicals’ bese facial masks.It would be fare more better to focus rice facial mask.Applying a mask of rice and fenugreek powder might sound a little odd.In fact, it is an excellent way to treat your skin health.

Since rice is a traditional beauty ingredient that has been passed generation to generation. It can gradually bring changes to your skin tone. This mask can gently exfoliate your skin and moisture and brighten skin tone.

Natural antiwrinkle powder

Rice powder is a natural ingredient that contains anti-aging propertys,treat blemishes, remove hyperpigmentation blackheads, whiteheads, acne, and pimples etc.Since, it is a rich source of vitamin B.”Vitamin B grows new cells” and promote skin from sun damage, moreover controlling oil properly and makes skin looking fresh, smooth and acne-free.

How to prepare rice powder mask

Pour a cup of rice into a bowl, add a tablespoon of fenugreek seeds then add sufficient water for a soak.Then soak it for overnight.Naw the next step is to separate rice from the bowl and spread rice separately on a large plate.let it dry in sunlight.After drying rice you can easily prepare a fine powder at home.Now place a rice into a blender at a time and grind it until it’s converted into a fine powder consistently.well,it’s ready to transfer the rice fenugreek powder to an airtight container and place the lid tightly on it.You may store it in the pantry for 3to4 months.

How to apply(application)

Add one tablespoon of rice powder in a small bowl.Step 2, add a few drops of raw honey and olive oil.Next, add raw milk with saffron rest it for 5 minutes and apply to your face and neck. let it dry for 15 to 20 minutes. Now you may Wash with Luke warm water.Again, rewash with cold water for the best result.

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