crystal clear skin, dark spots, and dark patches removal

dark spot remove

A dream is a type of plan we can say, Everyone dream for crystal clear spotless skin tone. When it comes to looking younger and spotless skin they usually try harmful chemicals and several heavy expensive laser treatments and different medications. But these treatments sometimes make things worse instate of better. All of us may know dark patches and dark spots are top stubborn skin problems. Although we have been trying lots of tricks to make them disappear, we often, just worsen the solution. Basically it has been a serious problem for us. Because of those dark patches we often, face lots of hypertension that degrade our confidence level in front of friend circles.

Well, dark patches or hyper-pigmentation occurs when some areas of skin produce more melanin than usual melanin gives the eye skin and hair their color. It is skin discoloration. skin gets its color from a pigment called melanin. our special cells in the skin become damaged uneven and unhealthy it affects melanin. If our body produces too much melanin than skin gets darker. Overall there are several causes behind dark patches and dark spots but actually a sign of sun damage or fluctuations in Hormones. Since such type of condition is more common in females and even a few percent in male especially females during pregnancy period. Well, there are several reasons for such issues.

perhaps, symptoms are usually found on the hands and face or frequently exposed to direct sunlight. So here are some solutions to get rid of those skin conditions. Despite paying extra money. I recommend some natural home remedies for crystal clear skin. Remedies are almond oil, raw honey, and saffron.

How to prepare Dark spots removal

You to need a small container, 50ml of almond oil, 1tblspn of raw honey and a pinch of saffron. Naw mix-up all the ingredients.


Apply this serum regularly half an hour before bed and after a shower.

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