Are you fond of drinking tea?


it’s winter and people enjoy drinking the number of tea per day. Because of cold temperatures, people compiled such cravings, and it is not a mysterious thing most of us are fond of it. Well, most tea addicts love to intake it from time to time. It is still consumed more often in the rainy and winter season. That makes us feel hot.

Perhaps, It has also become a part civilization of most of society. Whether it is in the village or in the city, it is the first greetings or impression to cook tea for the guests as they arrive at the house. Likewise, during the meeting with friends, It is first served. Therefore, in many societies, it is a must.

But, have you ever noticed? Although tea brings closeness to family, social and friend circles, it is very detrimental to health. Some scientific research has proven that tea contains some types of factors that affect our body health.

Those ingredients found in tea are extremely harmful to health

Drinking tea makes us feel satisfy. But that’s not the effect of an element called Thin. Thin effects have a toxic effect on our body’s knowledge of the organization of fibers.

The tannins found in tea cause constipation in the body. Moreover, it also weakens the digestive system and even affects sleep. The effect of an ingredient called tannin is similar to alcohol. That effects may be felt at the outset, but after a while, the effects may fatigue. Which makes it more and more creative of it.

Well, Caffeine is a much more dangerous factor in tea. The effect is similar to that of nicotine in alcohol and tobacco. It also weakens the body and also hampers our sexual life. Caffeine may even block the heartbeat.

Patients with heart and blood vessel problems are on the rise today. One of the reasons for such illnesses is increased by drinking more. Although the veins of it may make a person feel agitated on the outside, it is affecting the inside. The caffeine found in tea increases the volume of the vial by 5 times. Caffeine does not allow the contaminants in the body to be excreted through the urine. As a result, contaminated sewage remains inside the body.


Its effects are likely to cause joint pain, kidney failure, heart disease. Tannins in tea can cause stomach problems. For example, there are problems with stomach upset, constipation, stomach upset.

Excessively drinking tea is dangerous.

Excessive drinking of tea also increases the risk of tooth and eye disease it hampers our body system.” According to yoga guru Swami Ramdev, once drinking, about 5 cells of our gland’s soft gland become inactive”. Drinking such type is as dangerous as drinking blood.

What may be the Tea Alternative?
If you are addicted to drinking it, it may be difficult to quit drinking once. So let’s drink a small amount of in a day. Also, it is advisable to drink paper water instead of it.

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Rabin Shrestha
Rabin Shrestha
1 year ago


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